The men murmured at being deprived of such a rich booty; but this the viceroy disregarded, and to keep them employed, dispatched his son with a squadron to cruize against the Arabians, who in an engagement with the enemy’s fleet lost his life. Almeida, who had often shewn that he possessed great fortitude, now gave a striking proof of it; and those who lamented the death of young Almeida with too much sorrow, he told them, „That he had never wished a long, but a glorious life for his son; and for his part, he thanked God for honouring him with so glorious a death.” Out he deserved death, or at least banishment, for having offered such an injury to his sovereign, and they pressed him with threatenings to raise the king from the ground.

As early as Hippocrates, De morbis bk. (Gonor- rhoea is a discharge producing a diseased state of semen accompanied by wasting of the body and an unhealthy- looking complexion ; and it arises through the semen vessels having become atonic, so that, these being in a way paralysed, the semen is not retained). Seem the only symptoms found in conjunction with the complaint are itching of the privates, a voluptuous feeling and a violent inclination to sexual intei course. This datum admits of ready explanation if we consider the fact that in southern countries the inflammatory stage that makes its appearance is very brief and as a rule hardly notice- able, provided, — though no doubt this condition was pretty often broken, — coition was not indulged in during its course.

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A Russian squadron appearing before Acre, he wrote again to Count Orlow for assistance; and sent also an ambassador to the Empress. In August, 1772, Ali took Jaffa and Rama. These successes inspired him with the hope of returning to Cairo.

Be formed, even if nothing more than a sort of brothel is to be understood by the term, of the large number of women of this character and of the considerable revenue of the city. 8 According to Herodotus, bk. 51., the Greeks bor- rowed the Phallic ritual under the form of the Hermae (pil- lars of Hermes) from the Pelasgians, by which name according to Böttiger, „Kunst- mythologie,” , p. 213, Phoenicians should be understood. 22., and Creuzers note on the passage. It cannot fail to have an important bearing on our subject to make a more precise acquaintance with the geographical distribution of the Venus-cult.

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If any should have been detected in adultery, by this plan she was not in any way, reformed, but rather utterly given over to an increase of her ill behaviour. They used to shut up the woman in a narrow room, and admitting any that would commit fornication with her, and at the moment when they were accomplishing their foul act, to strike bells, that the sound might make known to all the injury she was suffering. The Emperor hearing this, would suffer it no longer, but ordered the very rooms to be pulled down). Ous establishments for the care of sick persons of this particular character. (When a certain well-known citizen came out of a brothel, „Bravo! go on and prosper!” was the word of Cato, great and wise. For when fierce desire has swollen the veins, right it is that young men should resort hither, and not grind their neighbours’ wives), — a passage that involuntarily reminds us of the fragment of Philemon quoted above. Going to settle at the Peiraeus to entice the merchants who arrived in the port, whilst the more choice merely showed themselves there l .

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Gave him a place in the admiralty. In the year 1678, Antonides mar­ried Susanna Bermans, a minister’s daughter, who had also a talent for poetry. His marriage was celebrated by several eminent poets, parti­cularly by the celebrated Peter Francius, professor of eloquence, who composed some Latin verses on the occasion. After mar­riage, he did not much indulge his poetic genius; and within a few years he fell into a consumption, of which he died on the 18th of Sep­tember, 1684, being then but thirty-seven years and a few months old. He is esteemed the most eminent Dutch poet, after Vondel, whom he studied to imitate, and is thought to have excelled in sweetness of ex­pression, and smoothness of style; but in accuracy and loftiness he is greatly inferior to his original. His works have been printed several times, having been collected by his father, Anthony Tansz.

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  • This work was published in 1638.
  • His thorough ac­quaintance with the Hebrew and Rabbinical learning, was displayed in his laborious performance respecting the Trinity.
  • Sir Francis Page was removed out of the court of common pleas, into that of the king’s-bench, in the place of our judge.
  • After being servant to a grammarian, of whom he learned grammar and logic, he was ordained deacon, and at length bishop, by Eudoxus, patriarch of Constantinople.
  • For there are many ” in this city that are asleep, even while they walk ” and stand and speak ; though they may appear to ” most observers to be awake, yet it is not really so.

He afterwards assisted considera­bly in carrying on this paper, which the author acknowledges. The Tatler being laid down, the Spectator was set on foot, and Mr. Addison furnished great part of the most admired papers. The Spectator made its first appearance in March 1711, and was brought to a conclusion in September 1712. In 1683, the commissioners for ecclesiastical affairs, to reward his ser­vices at Tangier, and to make good some losses he sustained by fire at Milston, bestowed scammed by xcritical on him the deanery of Litchfield; and in 1684 he was collated to the archdeaconry of Coventry. He sat in the convoca­tion in 1689, and enjoyed for the remainder of his days a just and ge­neral reputation, for the uprightness of his life, and the many learned treatises he had published. Diseases of the genital organs developed little by little among- nearly all the Peoples of Antiquity known to us at all intimately under the favouring conditions detailed in preceding pages.

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This miracle converted the executioner, who threw away his drawn sword, and falling at St. Alban’s feet, desired he might have the honour to die with him, or rather for him. This sudden con­version of the executioner, occasioning a delay in the execution, St. Alban walked up to a neighbouring hill, where praying for water to quench his thirst, a fountain sprung up under his feet. Here he received the crown of martyrdom, on the tenth of the kalends of July. The executioner was a signal example of divine vengeance; for, at the instant that the stroke was given to the saint, his eyes dropped out of his head. The behaviour of St. Alban at his death, and the miraculous circumstances attending it, were instrumental in converting many of the spectators to Christianity. Between four and five hundred years afterwards, Offa, king of the Mercians, built a very large and stately monastery to the memory of St. Alban, in the place where he suffered martyrdom.

  • Starbound’s first Monado Replica, Monado Delta!
  • After Hipparchus was slain by the conspiracy of Harmodius and Aristogiton, Anacreon returned to Teos, where he remained till the re­volt of Histiaeus, when he was obliged once more to remove to Abdera, where he died.
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  • All we need to do is to unite these into one general picture and give the name that is now sanctioned by custom, in order to arrive at the final result, — that Venereal Disease, though not recognized and described as such by the Ancient Physicians, was as a matter of fact existent in Antiquity.

(For she was the wife of Faustulus, and because of the easy rate at which her person was held at the disposal of all, was called among the shepherds Lupa, (she-wolf), that is harlot, whence also Lupanar — a brothel — is so called). Jerome, in Eusebius’ Chronicle. However it is a fruitless effort to try and con- nect lupar and lupanar with lupus, the wolf.

When the enemy approached the shore, they were joined by the Persians; a second battle ensued, and a second victory was obtained. Thus, to his immortal honour, Alcibiades gained two victories in one day. In 1508, xcriticalnso was appointed to succeed to the government of India, and dispatched with five ships; he sailed in company with Cugna, another Portugueze officer. Having plundered and taken some towns on the coast of Arabia, they sailed to Zocatora, and made themselves masters of the fort there.